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Let’s actually play Zipang casino

I received an email in the mailbox to inform you that a new stage arrived at Zipang Casino. I felt it looked interesting, so I logged in to the site for the purpose of playing the slot I added.

I chose Magical Stacks.

I tried doing it after making the bet to the minimum, just in case.

As I started I was playing cheerful music, so I thought it was a good production and played.
Turning around several times, A was listed and 0.80 was displayed at the prize. I had played with a bet of 0.20, so I felt the amount of this fee was amazing. Moreover, I was surprised because the role of the girl was working towards me like a throwing kiss.

As I continued the game, three roles like beasts came out and a display was written with a unique sound effect and a free game. And the beast united with the girl changed to a magical girl, the top of the screen changed. Thanks to seeing this director, I understood the reason why the name Magical is about the title name.

In the free game mode, it automatically rotated without pushing the button, so I only saw it. After the hits that can be judged as child functions continued, the mode ended and the total prize amount was displayed, so I pushed to keep thinking that I was profitable. Then, thankfully, the girl on the screen said that as I told you while I bowed, I regret that I responded. After continuing for about another 5 minutes, the beasts gathered again and shifted to the free game.
It is unknown what the probability is, but it was unlikely that it was easy to go out because it was unexpected.

Although I played after this, it was strange that I never got 7. Bell, BAR, WILD got out so much. Also, the most popular was the role of numbers, with A and K being frequently diagonally aligned. Because the line was 20, I also went out several times I could hardly interpret. I can tell if it lined up on the sideways straight line, but I felt it was difficult to judge the roles that would be aligned from the center to the upper right and the upper left. However, it is certain that it is positive, so we decided not to mind.

That’s why the latest model of Zipang Casino, which was quite interesting. I never saw a magical girl being able to play. Please try playing if you do not mind.