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What is Wild Jungle Casino?

Originally I liked gambling and got tired of recent public gambling, I tried to register because it was on the blog I happened to see if I was looking for “anything?”
The impression I used is easy to register, the settlement site is easy to use, and the impression that I can get a slot bonus as well. It is convenient to be able to hit the slot at any time while staying at home.

Wild Jungle Casino Experience Story

For the time being, I first bought 100 dollars, got a bonus and was playing with 1 dollar BET in the doubled state.

Favorite games are slots of Great Blue, Rome & Glory, Marvel Series and so on.
At the beginning, when the winning or losing amount of money also remains unchanged from pachinko! ! I got over 10,000 dollars in about 6 hours.

I fixed it with the basic 1 dollar and thought that today is different from usual, increasing gradually the bet amount gradually increased by an interesting amount!
Even if I struck anything on that day, it was on the other hand, so I finally hit it with $ 25 BET. From that moment, the bet amount has become amusing (laugh) I applied for withdrawal for the time being, so I was anxious to see that it was a big deal as usual, so I was worried that I could be fully transferred, but I was transferred soon in about one day.

I thought that there really is to win 1,000,000 yen and I was addicted to it seriously.
Although I was thinking about trying to bring down all the money soon, I thought that there is 10,000 dollars and I can not lose 100 dollars remittance, I bet it will start with more than 5 dollars without a bonus and repeat the negative loop of additional remittance And lost 100,000 yen in no time.

I still have 900,000 and I think that it is affordable, so if I increase the amount of money to send and my bet amount, I will lose a second (lol)
When you win it is big but when you lose it is bigger so you win quickly. At peak time there were 30,000 dollars in casino and payment website combined, but, when I started it was a dollar I bought a hundred dollar BET (laugh)

The maximum amount per rotation is over 20,000 dollars, and the jackpot also draws the $ 5000 class and it is a thrill I can not taste in pachinko. This was my first play style.

Well it does not last long if you use it like that. Eventually I lost more than I won the first victory. Now I switch the feelings and bet amount is also 1 to 5 dollars! Large premiums are also bigger but winning a big bat if you are hitting even a small BET.

Also, be sure to receive a bonus when playing a slot! If it is bad, I will take a break! I decide the rule that I play. To finely set the balance with it. From the beginning of this, the income and expenditure managed to go positive.

When you play online slots, decide the rules inside you! I think this is the most important thing! If not, I will melt a million yen wins like me (laugh)
Oh, the story returns, but I will tell you about my favorite model I wrote first, Great Blue. I think people who’ve hit PlayTech’s slot can understand, but that explosive power of Great Blue is not hesitant!
When you pull a bonus called free spin, the number of games and magnification are randomly chosen, and the magnification is 15 times as high! Once you have drawn a 1,000 times dividend at 1 dollar BET. Because 100 yen became 100,000 yen in one rotation. When this is the maximum bet amount, it will be 10 million yen class, so it’s frightening. It is impossible to play around with pocket money now, but if you save about $ 10,000 again I would like to win with Max Bet! I wonder if it will be around 10 million (haha) I melted a million yen but I did not discipline it (laugh)
Recently I am addicted to live games. Starting with Blackjack, it is a prisoner of live Baccarat now. The speed feeling that the game is decided in that moment is irresistible. To be honest I will win. I am afraid of baccarat when I am addicted, but I am afraid of slots, but as long as I decide the rules as well, there is no big defeat and I feel like winning a lot. By the way I was in good shape and I immediately went up to about 3000 dollars so I thought it was enough so I thought it was comfortable so if I raised the bet amount it was a secret that I dissolved everything in a matter of minutes (laugh) Well then do thoroughly manage funds and calculate probabilities I think that it is a high tuition fee now because the balance has risen as it is.

Oh well like this I came about 3 years of online casino history and now I am working hard to make it a year good somehow.
However, it is hard to keep down the urge to hit the slots occasionally, but it is hard (laugh) If it does not even runaway it is better than a pachinko, and I think that it is also possible to win, so I recommend you Yes. I just do not understand gambling to the last, I can not really recommend it to people who can not save it because it gets too hot!