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QUEEN CASINOは、最近注目を集めているオンラインカジノです。
Because it corresponds to many languages, it is a casino which it is easy to use even for those who have never touched on-line casino.

Evaluation of QUEEN CASINO and recommended slot

The recommended slot of QUEEN CASINO is “THE WILD CHASE”.

“THE WILD CHASE” is a re-spin feature machine, as long as the pattern continues to align, the re-spin that continues is masterpieces! It is a tremendous slot with destructive power of a single blow!

The greatest feature of “THE WILD CHASE” is re-spin.
As long as the patterns are aligned, the system that keeps the pattern fixed on the reel and keeps spinning is installed in “THE WILD CHASE”.

Moreover, this re-spin is a fixed object how wild picture is also fixed.
Because the re-spinning is carried out with the wild picture fixed, a situation which can not be thought of in other slots such as two or three of which five sets are completed at the same time occurs in “THE WILD CHASE”.

In addition, this wild picture has a ridiculous system.
It is a system that multiples the payout whenever a wild picture appears on the reel.
Doubling the payout for twice per wild pattern, up to five times, it will become a time to look at dividends that can not be thought of in other slots.
However, the only thing that frightens “THE WILD CHASE” is not just re-spinning and wild pattern.
In ‘THE WILD CHASE’, free spins are the biggest place to earn money.
In the free spin of “THE WILD CHASE”, fixed wild always appears in the reel.
In other words, there is a ridiculous situation that double payouts are always promised during free spins. Moreover, re-spin is effective even during free spin.
Since the wild pattern is fixed in the reel, re-spin is generated with high probability. You can imagine an outrageous situation just by wrapping two or three wild patterns here. … ….
“THE WILD CHASE” is a monster machine with tremendous destructive power.
Re-spin where jackpot will occur in a moment is definitely going to be crazy playing!
However, “THE WILD CHASE” has the characteristic that free spins are hard to rush into free spins as they have a strong destructive power.
Also, in order to make it easy for expensive dividends to come out, we have to keep in mind the features such as the waves of bad weather are rough.
“THE WILD CHASE” is a terribly high slot with gamble.
It is an incredibly interesting machine if you hit it, but when you lose you will lose to the bottom of the ground, it is a slot of magic