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POKERSTARS is a specialized casino in an online casino that is fully specialized in poker.


This site is specialized in poker, you can also play Omaha and 7 studs as well as Norimid Hold ‘em. There are 7 different game formats, each of which is variously arranged from low rate to high rate.

Evaluation and recommendation slots of POKERSTARS

Cash: Cash is the most orthodox form and each player plays a free amount within the range and plays. Since you can add chips on the way you will not be skipped, but there is also the risk of losing slurp and tip.
Zoom: Zoom is the same format as the cache, and it will play with a random opponent every time as opposed to the same player with fixed table. Since I will advance to the next game as soon as I get off, there is little waiting time.
Sit & Go: Sit & Go is a tournament style play that starts as soon as a certain number of people gather. Since there is no addition of chips in the middle, players are decreasing one after another, and if you remain in the number of winners you will earn prizes. There are a wide range of participation fees ranging from a small amount of 0.02 $ to a maximum of 5000 $. For Sit & Go, who has a participation fee of 5000 $, the second place is 10243 $ and the first place is 19024 $.
Spin & Go: Spin & Go is a tournament form of three players and the winner takes the form of total taking. Every time the prize amount fluctuates randomly every time, the participation fee of 0.25 $ has the highest prize amount of 2500 $, 1 $ participation fee of 10000 $ prize money and a dreamy setting. I remember playing while playing back when there was a prize amount of 5000 $ when the participation fee was $ 1. Unfortunately the result was second, but I have been very impressed.
KO: KO is the same format as Sit & Go, and if you flip other players, you get prize money at that point and the more players you skip, the more prizes you get. It also adds prize money for winning, so when you win a lot by skipping a lot, you get a lot more prize than Sit & Go. In KO, every player moves aggressively to fly, so if you play carefully on the contrary, I think that winning is relatively easy.
BEATtheCLOCK: Although BEATtheCLOCK is a tournament format, there is a time limit and it is a prize money allotment to all the players who survived during that time. Although I am not good at it, I do not do much, but it is subtle because it does not make much positive even if I win.
Tournament: Tournaments are conventions where the date and time are predetermined, many players participate and the scale is very large. In the tournament with participation fee 10000 $ (!!!), the top ten percent of the participants won the prize, the top one was about 2 million dollars (not wrong digit) and there are things of so magnificent size, people called so-called poker pros There are many participants. When you reach this level you will be fascinated by professional gambling with throbbing things that make you sweat just by watching it. Someday I would like to see myself coming · While holding ambitious ambition, in fact I am struggling with the tournament fee of 5 $ participation fee. 5 $ If participation cost is 1/16, it is 5600 $ so I enjoy playing every day.

It is POKERSTARS which has seven formats above, but from here I would like to describe what kind of play I am playing. It was the first opportunity I first met poker, but this really happened to me just happened to have arrived when I properly streamed the videos on youtube.

The video at that time was not a battle on the net but a match with the actual face, it was a video taken from the vicinity of the big tournament final. I thought that it seemed purely fun looking at a professional figure that tossed up the premium quickly with a completely losing hand and stepped down the opponent. At the same time, I was thinking that I can never blow a bluff with such a comfortable expression. Anyway, I wanted to play poker I knew the existence of online poker and started right away.

At first I was playing with a small amount, but the state where I could not win at all continued. I wanted to be able to win more, I bought a few books with poker’s ideas written and changed my play style drastically. First of all, I reduced bluff as much as possible. Regardless of the strength of the hand, trying to imitate the professional as seen in the movie was to cause a big loss of chips. Next, I tried to see the opponent’s betting method well. When a player with a lot of small bets plays a big bet, he made a guess while assuming himself that there is quite a person himself.

As a result, winning percentage became stable at about 30%, and it became less significant to become a big negative. However, this story is a story at a low rate to the last, I think that I want to improve my research and handling more hands and turns because I can only see ducks even at high rates with the current consciousness. I recommend you to do a number at a low rate anyway with Sit $ Go, I think that the way to challenge the upper rate is good as you can win.