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HappiStar reputation · Deposit up to $ 300 Bonus + 50 Free Spin
HappiStar is the largest online casino in Asia that can be enjoyed even by people who do not know the online casino.

What is HappiStar?

Happistar is the largest online casino in Asia that can be played from mobile terminals.
It is known as a site with good reputation on the net and few troubles.
In addition, Happistar is a site that provides information for Japanese people with blogging and twitter tools.
It is a wonderful casino with a glimpse of efforts to make it a site that is easy to use even for those who are concerned about the contents of online casinos and those who do not know the online casino.
In the blog, it seems to be interviewing the player who won the victory at the casino.
You may wish to look into what game the player who honored the big hit was playing for research purposes.
In this time, among the slots in Happistar that is friendly to users, I will introduce slots that are hitting the big hit as a good slot.

HappiStar’s Evaluation and Recommended Slots

We introduce “DJ Wild”.

“DJ Wild” is a slot where a wild picture makes an interesting movement.
When a wild picture appears on the reel, wilds are copied up and down, left and right, and it spins again!
Since the re-spin continues as long as a wild pattern appears, sometimes there are cases where five wild patterns are gathered.
Also, “DJ Wild” has a pretty special betting system.
You can change the number of coins you bet by looking at the number of coins in your account, or a slightly different setting that adjusts the latch if you lose consecutively.
Of course, it is also possible to bet a fixed amount as a slot as a standard.
“DJ Wild”, which makes various bets possible, may be the perfect slot for online slot fans seeking slightly different slots.
Although “DJ Wild” is simple in design, it creates an atmosphere just as if you are in a club.
The music which I think unexpectedly rises is also wonderful, and it is a slot which turns reels and gets hooked.
“DJ Wild” is also a feature that has a light burden on the personal computer.
It is a slot that moves lightly even with a slightly old PC, so it can be said that it is a slot that you can recommend for people who want to play with crispy.

Deposit Bonus of HappiStar

As a first deposit bonus, you can get a 100% bonus with up to $ 300. In addition, you can earn 50 free spins for 50 times when you get initial bonus.

As I have experienced so far, I have paid nearly $ 400 for a slot with 30 free spins 30 times, so it is not meaningless. Let ‘s earn a solid by taking the opportunity of Happistar.