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It’s almost like an RPG game! Rush into the new game zone by defeating the boss, an unusual online casino

Casino Heroの口コミ・実践編

Today I decided to try slotting with Casino Hero. Casino Hero defeats the boss while hitting the slot and gets a deal item … I go forward with a feeling like it … Although my first boss was a really easy victory, I still fought hard from the second person I have not been beaten, so today I would like to beat down only by the second person.

First of all I chose a slot, but I did not want to hit a slot that I recommend so much, so I started looking for it myself … but there are a lot of numbers after all (laugh). It is hard to decide. Everything looks interesting, and I chose a model called “SUPER HEROES” to try to hit anything that I never hit, whatever it is. If you are told that heroes, something will be interesting.

When I start it to start typing, the opening movie flows, but the quality of the image is not hesitant! It’s enough to see them all in spite of myself (laugh). It is an interesting part of the video slot that makes a pretty elaborate picture though it has nothing to do with the slot at all. And, although it is a hero who began to beat while moving, the flow is not very good feeling. Sometimes the heroes came out and makes and increases Wild randomly, but it will not be too high a dividend and the money will decrease steadily. For the time being, I hit it with the smallest bet for the wait-and-see, but if you struck at the usual rate it might have been pretty bad.

I would like to try free spin if possible, and I would like to see what kind of production it is … but I finally got free spin patterns at the moment. Since it was 3, it is only 4 rotations, but I start to turn it with a little excitement to my free spin. Apparently during a free spin a hero appears every turn, changing the picture and changing the magnification to increase the payout. As the same hero comes out, the level rises and you can expect high dividends, so if the same hero goes on it will give you a considerable amount of money, so it’s quite attractive and interesting. Well, as I spend quite a while before getting a free spin, I will eventually be defeated (laugh)

After that, when I continued to hit with increasing the number of bets in order to recover it, I got a free spin × 3 right away and managed to recover somehow! During that free spin the same hero came out four times, so I got a $ 92 bet on $ 1 bet. Maybe it will be a free spin so I usually have a hard time …? It’s okay to recover anyway!

Although I enjoyed it quite a bit, I thought it was a slot I wanted to hit next time though I tried it out. However, although I lost to the battle with the subsequent boss (laugh). He is kind of like a second plant (laugh). Well, I hope the money does not decrease.

Casino Hero can also enjoy battles with such a boss and you can enjoy it even by just hitting a slot normally, so it’s the most recommended site for those who do online slots.