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It’s almost like an RPG game! Rush into the new game zone by defeating the boss, an unusual online casino

What is CasinoHero?

CasinoHero is a casino with an avatar system that is rare as an online casino.
It is an unusual online casino where RPG and casino are fused to choose favorite avatar and defeat enemy.
Also, Casino Journey Casino is now available to play from smartphones as well as personal computers.
CasinoHero is a new online casino that combines RPG and casino.
Kaji journey will provide such a new entertainment that is supposed to be available anytime and anywhere.
At CasinoHero, games that are indispensable for casinos such as online slots, roulette, blackjack and table games are equipped with a kitchen.
Therefore, Casual Journey wants to play not only RPG but also casino! It can be said that it is a site recommended for those who think.
So, we will introduce games that we can recommend even among such a casual journey.

CasinoHero’s recommended slot

Introducing “LOST VEGAS”.
“LOST VEGAS” has been changed by striking “NEON STAXX”, and free spin has become a machine with intense destructive power.
“LOST VEGAS” is equipped with two modes, one is a survivor mode to play with survivors chased by zombies.
The other has a zombie mode chasing survivors.
Changing to each mode changes the picture to a survivor or a zombie, so if you are not good at expressing a little gloriously, it would be better to play with Survivor.
Also, the free spins installed in “LOST VEGAS” will change system depending on the selected mode.
In the survivor mode, the figure picture disappears, and the reward is generated to the system.
In zombie mode, it changes to a system where wild picture is added to a specific reel.
With the feeling that I played, survivor mode is harder to hit compared to zombie mode, but if it hit, it is aiming at a superb goal of getting rich.
In zombie mode, I got the impression that it is a mode that is easy to hit and high distribution of dividends.
Although it is not that which is better, it is fun to recommend it because it is playing survivor mode aiming for a rush fun when it personally wins.
Also, Zombie hands come out suddenly from the bottom of the screen ZOMBIE FIST OF CASH has created a wonderful atmosphere like a zombie movie.
It is as if a surprise director glows as if you are watching a B or C class zombie movie, so if you play “LOST VEGAS”, it would be better to look at it once.
“LOST VEGAS” is an interesting slot where directing like a zombie movie shines gently.
Especially suddenly zombie hands protruding from the bottom of the screen ZOMBIE FIST OF CASH has become a wonderful bonus to be surprised even if you know that there are bonuses.
Also, “LOST VEGAS” is not only a production, but also a game machine with high slotability as a slot machine.
Free spin, which varies depending on the mode you have chosen, is a free spin that fascinates players who are addicted to slots.
If you like zombie movies, you definitely want to play, if you like slots you can say that slot that you want to play by all means.