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Online casinos where you can deposit with bitcoins

Do you know the virtual currency called bit coin which is becoming a topic now? It is now a representative of the currency on the net which is circulated around the world and is in the limelight as a new convertible currency.
An online casino that can use this bit coin as settlement appeared with full satisfaction.
Nowadays, online casinos where settlement can be done with bit coins are increasing, mainly in Europe, many of them are able to purchase dollars or euros’ chips with bit coins, with bit coins only It is only a means of settlement.
However, the amazing part of this bit casino is that we are introducing bit coins themselves as currencies in online casinos, so that you can make wagers and winnings with bitcoins.
As explained earlier, in the case of exchanging to another real currency to the last, fee etc. occurs, but since it is possible to play with this bit coin, since it can be used as it is bitcoin to the last, unnecessary fee Etc does not occur.

This is a convenient online casino that is convenient for people holding bit coins.
Of course, you can also use normal currency, so do not worry if you do not have a bitcoin.

Abundant number of games! That number is more than 1000!

In the bit casino, not only ordinary online casino games, but also live games that can participate in real casinos and stream pictures, and sports betting that can be targeted by sports all over the world are enriched with numerous contents.
Speaking of only the number of games, there are more than 1,000 games and you can enjoy it without getting tired.

Bonuses you can receive each time! The promotion is also hot!

Bitcasino offers not only limited promotion but also continuous promotion that you can earn some time every time you deposit money.
You can get a 100% bonus in the first deposit, but there are various bonuses such as the second deposit bonus load bonus.
Promotion that gets enough to play as much as you can play, even if you travel overseas regardless of the amount of money you can not take your eyes off.

VIP system to taste celebrity mood!

At the bit casino, VIP system is introduced like ordinary store type casino. This system is completely invited from online casino side, but it seems that various benefits will be accepted when it becomes VIP.
Lottery that only VIP members can participate, benefit payment bonus, exclusive support, personal customer support will be accepted.
The way to become a VIP has not been made clear, but if you keep playing it may be invited from the site.