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I think I will try slots today at VeraJohn Casino in Dohmari. The slot to hit is “JURASSIC PARK”. When I struck a different slot before, I found a Jurassic Park. I intended to see all the slots, but I heard that there was still time to notice. There are over 700 models and there is no use for oversight.

That’s why Jurassic Park began to beat quickly, but first I’m surprised at the cleanliness of the picture and the background. I am also surprised at the beauty of the sound. Sometimes the sounds of dinosaurs are heard, but as you listen to the sound with headphones, it’s quite impressive with a realistic feeling. However, it is quite a tough development as a game …. The role of high dividend will not come very well, and I can not acquire free spins at all. Loss is not so big because I set the bet amount to 1.2 dollars, but anyway, nothing happens and I feel like I’m bored.

And when the amount used exceeds 300 dollars, finally get free spin! It was truly long …. There are five types of free spins at Jurassic Park, each with its own different dinosaurs, which makes the dinosaurs that correspond to the selected free spins come out during free spins. When it comes to this, you will want to choose all the dinosaurs, so decide to keep striking until you draw 5 free spins! And choose from the end T – REX. When T-REX caught, enlarged wild comes out, so I can expect high dividend, but free spin finished before coming out so much …. Winning prize money is about 32 dollars. … Yeah, subtle (lol)

Honestly I was disappointed because I was hoping for a moment but expecting the next dinosaur, I will also start turning for free spin. But if the credit is reduced at about the same pace as before, I was a little bearish that I had to decide to withdraw at some point, but after this time the role of higher dividends is steadily higher than it is compared to before start. And free spins came with Ponpon. And although I chose another dinosaur earlier, the acquisition during free spins was not a big deal, which is about $ 27. No, it is really subtle (lol)

Even after that, the acquisition of free spins has been shabby and I could not get back. By the time I choose five kinds of free spins I was pretty cluttered and I earned it in the final free spin, but after all I lost 83 dollars in total. But do you agree well that various productions were seen? I will do my best at the next event and aim for a large amount!